Bones Under Parking Lot Belonged to King Richard III

Richard III’s Bones

King Richard III Bones Photos : The bones shown in photo above are royal bones. Researchers from the U.K.’s University of Leicester confirmed yesterday that the remains of a skeleton discovered in September beneath a parking lot in the British Midlands were that of King Richard III, who ruled for a brief, bloody two years before being slain in battle in 1485.

On Monday, a team of experts at the University of Leicester concluded on the basis of DNA and other evidence that the skeletal remains were those of King Richard III.

Apart from the DNA evidence, the skeletal remains showed an array of injuries which were consistent with historical accounts of the fatal blows Richard III suffered on the battlefield, and the most conclusive of all the evidences was the deep curvature of the upper spine that the research team said showed the remains to be those of a sufferer of a form of scoliosis, a disease that causes the hunchback appearance, with a raised right shoulder, that was represented in Shakespeare’s play as Richard III’s most pronounced and unappealing feature.

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Author: admin on February 5, 2013
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