Tickets of Modi Hyderabad Rally Sold @ Rs. 5


If you want to watch Narendra Modi in live action in Hyderabad you will have to pay for it.

Andhra Pradesh unit of his party, the BJP, intends to sell tickets, priced at Rs. 5, for a public meeting that the Gujarat Chief Minister will address in Hyderabad next month.

Justifying the move, that is bound to raise several eyebrows, the party claims that people are willing to pay to hear Mr Modi speak; this, the BJP says, is in contrast to the usual cases where leaders pay money to pull in the crowds at their meetings and rallies.

The above mentioned rally in Hyderabad will be held on 11th August 2013.

The party unit has started selling Rs 5 per ticket for Modi’s public rally organized in the city on August 11 in Hyderabad through a registration process. It was originally planned on July 27, but postponed due to ensuing panchayat polls.

The local BJP leaders said they expect about 50,000 people to turn up and listen to Modi at the Lal Bahadur stadium, which will also mark the beginning of BJP’s poll campaign for the next general elections.

“While the other political parties pay for the audience for the rallies, here is a case where the youth of the state buy tickets to listen to their favourite leader. Such is Modi’s charisma, and we are trying to drive the point home,” said NVSS Prabhakar, state BJP general secretary.

As it would be a one man show, no national leaders would take part in the rally, but local leaders, including Kishan Reddy, M Venkiah Naidu and Bandaru Dattatreya would share the dais. The party unit has made it clear that only Modi will speak.

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Author: admin on July 15, 2013
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