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Durga Puja 2015 : Durga Puja WhatsApp, SMS, Greetings, Wallpapers

Durga Puja also known as Durgotsava or Sharadotsav is an Hindu festival celebrated every year mainly in South Asia and involves worship of Hindu Goddess Durga. The festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Durga Mata Wallpaper - 2015 Durga Puja

Durga Puja is widely celebrated in the Indian states of Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tripura and West Bengal.

Durga Puja Celebrations in West Bengal :

In West Bengal, Durga Puja festival is celebrated over a five day period starting on Maha-Shashti by welcoming Goddess Durga by installing her idols in Pandals and ends on Dashami, the day on which idols of Goddess Durga are immersed in nearby rivers, lakes and seas.

In 2015, the five day Durga Puja will start from 19th October 2015 (Maha Shashti) and will end on 23rd October 2015 (Bijoya dashami).

During Durga Puja people make beautiful Alpana (A form of Rangoli) designs outside their homes.

Alpana Rangoli Design Pattern Wallpaper - Durga Puja

These Alpana designs are drawn with the help of rice-powder, diluted rice paste, powdered colors, charcoal, etc. Colored chalk, vermilion, flower petals, grains, etc, are also used to decorate the designs.

Wishing All Readers A Happy Durga Puja …

Please find below Durga Puja 2015 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages, Greetings & Wallpapers which you can send to all your friends and relatives during the festival of Durga Puja.

Durga Puja 2015 WhatsApp, SMS, Greetings, Wallpapers :

May Goddess Durga Bless you with power and Wisdom
Happy Durga Pooja
Subho Mahalaya …

Mahalaya Greetings Wallpaper 2015

Siuli ar kaser mala, nil akashe meghr vela.
Himer poros ange lage, sobar prane pulak jage.
Agomonir khobor peye, mone pakhi uthlo geye,

Subho Mahalaya…

Maago Tomar Charan Sparshe kete jaak Sakal dukkho shok,
Tomar Mangal-aloke charidik alokito hok !
Subho Durga Puja !

Durga Puja 2015 Greetings Wallpaper - Shubho Durga Puja

As the beat of dhak fills the air …
I Wish Maa Durga blesses you and
Answers all your prayers …

“SHARAT” meghe vaslo Vyala
“KASH” phule te laglo dola
“DHAKER” upar poruk kathi
“PUJO” Katuk fatafati


Sarad Shubhecha - Durga Puja 2015 Greeting Wallpaper

May Maa Durga bless you
On this Auspicious Ocassion of Sharad Utsav and Always ….

As the candlelight flame
Ur life may always be happy,
As the mountain high
U move without shy,
As sunshine creates morning glory
fragrance fills years as Flory,
All darkness is far away
As light is on its way.

Wishing U all a very Happy Vijaya Dashami – Shubho Bijoya.

Shubho Bijoya 2015 Greeting Card Wallpaper

Sango holo pujor bela,
Aaj mayer jabar pala,
Asche bochhor aabar hobe,
Mone te ei aasha robe,
Suru holo sindhur khela,
Bijoya sarbo eibela,
Tai aamar bishesh dhara,
Sms e Bijoya sara,

Shubho Bijoya.

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