Vijayadashmi 2015 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages, Greetings : Happy Vijaya Dashami

Vijayadashami or Dasara or Dussehra means “remover of bad fate” – remover of ten heads of Ravana’s. It is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

It is celebrated on the tenth day of the Hindu autumn lunar month of Ashvin, or Ashwayuja which falls in September or October of the Western calendar, from the Shukla Paksha Pratipada, or the day after the new moon which falls in Bhadrapada, to the Dashami, or the tenth day of Ashvin. It is the tenth day of and after Navratri festival.

It is said that Goddess Durga got victory over demons like Mahishasur. It is a day when devotees worship Goddess Shakti. Shakti represents strength, ability and courage. This day also celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana.

Please find below latest collection of Vijayadashmi – Happy Dussehra 2015 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages, Greeting Cards, Wishes, etc which you can send to all your friends and relatives on the festive occasion of Vijayadashmi.

Vijayadashmi 2015 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages, Greetings : Happy Vijaya Dashami

Vijaya Dashami Greeting Cards 2015

May this Vijaya Dashami lights up for you.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!

Wishing you and your family Happy Vijaya Dashami 2015

Celebrate the victory of the forces of good over Evil
Wishing you Happy Vijaya Dashami 2015

Sending your way the gift of divine
blessings to light up your life
with peace and joy !

Wish you Happy Vijayadashami 2015 …..

Vijaya Dashami Hindi Greetings

Ramji ka aashirwaad sada aapke saath rahe
Wishing you Happy Vijayadashami…..!

Ho aapki life me khushiyon ka mela kabhi
na aaye koi jhamela
sada sukhi rahe aapka basera
wish you Happy Vijayadashami

Burai par acchai ki jeet !
Vijayadashami lata hai ek ummed..
Ravan ki tarah hamare dukhon ka ant ho….
ek nai shuruat ho ek naye savere k saath…

Happy Vijayadashami 2015

Vijayadashami Greeting Cards, Vijaya dashami 2015

As Shri Ram killed Ravana,
As Maa Durga killed Mahish-asura,
May this Vijayadasha God Bless You & Your Family

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