Rasi Palan 2013 – Tamil Astrology 2013 – Tamil Horoscope 2013

Tamil Rasi Palan, Jothidam and Horoscope are very popular among tamil people as it is the most common way of finding your future predictions. Everyone would like to see their rasi palan as everybody has the curiosity to know their future.

These are the nearest predictions about the year 2013 as per our experienced astrologers.

2013 Rasi Palan – Tamil Astrological Predictions for 2013 for all Zodiac Signs :

Mesha Rasi Palan 2013 :

Mesham Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Mesha Rasi (Aries) people will have strong mind and always choose the right path. Coming year brings good stars and blessings for you. They will try to venture into new projects and will succeed in their attempt. Income will increase, which will help you in saving good. Misunderstanding will happen with your life partner and you might also suffer from family clashes. Try to discuss all the issues with your partner in order for a smooth life. Planets Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are very strong and would help your in cash flow. In spite of getting good news, you will not feel satisfied. Due to which, your mental peace will suffer. In love matters, you need to be sharp. Don’t leave any matter leniently; you have to solve all your issues because they might turn disastrous in coming future or even break-up.

Rishaba Rasi Palan 2013 :

Rishabham Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Rishaba rasi (Taurus) people will have better career as compared to last year. You will be in heavy workload but proper planning will avoid confusion will ten times better results then expectations in your business activities. Cash flow will be tight in the first 6 months which might create worries for your professional front but will improve during the second half of this year. If you are a student, many opportunities are there, so if you are looking for any course or institute then listen to your heart for better selection after having all the opinions. Single are on the phase to mingle and will have a healthy and understanding relations. Your family atmosphere will keep your soul refreshed.

Mithuna Rasi Palan 2013

Mithunam Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Mithuna rasi (Gemini) people will have a challenging year ahead which will make you realise the value family relationships and making new relationship will make you happy. The year 2013 is coming with tension built by your own hands and by people around you. Misunderstanding between life partner and other relation (personal or professional) are possible which should be handled carefully. One thing that you need to watch and control is your words. You need to work harder to keep your position safe or for increments. Remember one thing that you are not possess to trust anyone because otherwise you will invite distressed for a long span of time. Plan up your budget for the year in the best possible for to ease your financial cash flow also precaution while planning your career as wrong decision will affect you financially. Keep yourself away from depression and fight with bad time. Avoid any risky transaction in money matters because you might lose some money.

Kataka Rasi Palan 2013

Kataka Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Kataka rasi (Cancer) people will have good start in their business and with some hard work can earn fruitful results. Whatever you will face in 2013 good or bad you responsible for it therefore think twice before doing or saying something and set your priorities to avoid messing up which might make some fine changes in your life which are needed by you to lead a peaceful life only if managed a balance between your personal and professional life. Love relations with partners is good which might give you some very beautiful moments in this time. Keep a check on your spending spree as you may end up spending more for your family and friends. You will get good profits in the first half of the year when compared to the second half. However, income sources will increase and you will get better opportunities to save.

Simha Rasi Palan 2013

Simha Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Simha rasi (Leo) people will be enjoying one of the best years of your life therefore don’t get disappointed if any thing goes wrong. Take care of your health as you might get problems like allergies, pain, and digestive problems. You might face more. Job opportunities and good salary hike can be expected this year except a pressure in your profession in the month of july. Relationship between couples and life partners will be smooth. The needs of your family and love will also be satisfied. Due to which, you will get happiness from them. It is a favorable time for students and job seekers too. Utilize the best of this time. Try to take steps to save for the future.

Kanni Rasi Palan 2013

Kanni Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Kanni rasi (Virgo) people are known for their wisdom and perfection. You will earn good wealth. Business trips will give you profits. Chances of going abroad is bright. There are chances of some minor accidents. Brother sister relationship will have some strain. Relationship with your partner will be good. You will realize the importance of love and the people you love. Spending time with your loved ones will help you with mental peace. Before investing anywhere, just go through the pros and cons to avoid miss-happenings and losses.

Thula Rasi Palan 2013

Thula Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Thula rasi (Libra) would be gaining financially this year. Students may look for higher studies abroad and there are chances of getting government jobs. Self employed people have to work hard and apart from this, you will stay distressed throughout the year. You may encounter some major health problems because of taking tensions due to unfavorable conditions. Personal relationship with family will be good especially with your mother. You might have fights with your lover, which will arise from small arguments, so avoid them.

Viruchigam Rasi Palan 2013

Viruchigam Rasi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Viruchigam rasi (Scorpio) people are smart, beautiful the most enthusiastic amongst all but they should try to get over their anger which is their biggest negative. There are lots of ups and downs coming this year but you know how to overcome and deal with the situation. Investments in land, house, and agriculture will be good. You will have some temporary stomach problems. You will have good relationship with your partner and family members but with some conflicts which demands more attention . You are smart but do not get over smart because your risk taking tendency might land you up in difficult situation, so avoid them.

Dhanusu Rasi Palan 2013

Dhanusu Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Thanusu rasi (Sagittarius) people are honest and have faith in god. This year will give you returns as per your ability and hard work and stay carefull for building future happiness. Take things more seriously otherwise you might end up with messed up life. Students have a bright future and they will come through in the competitive exams. You might encounter some health problems therefore keep it on topmost priority as health problems may take time enough to be cured. You need to become easier and work with patiences for smooth working. Complications might turn your way in love due to misunderstandings. In financial matters, the year seems good, but don’t expect too much.

Makara Rasi Palan 2013

Makara Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Makara rasi (Capricon) people can earn more if you put in some hard work. You will get support from your friends and love from your beloved. Care should be taken of your health as you might encounter some heart problems. Plan a good diet to keep yourself healthy. Single would settle soon. Only family matters might make you sad this year but nothing can be done about it. So, don’t worry and concentrate on your career and utilize your time. You are definitely going to earn a good amount of money, but don’t make any investments. Students should avoid being in wrong company to stay happier.

Kumba Rasi Palan 2013

Kumbam Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Kumba rasi (Aquarius) people will be praised for their dedication at workplace and your quality work will take you to heights. You have good memory power that will help you in your education as well as in your profession. Your health condition is fine as you should be careful in not getting any lung infection. Students will get chance to go abroad for their higher studies. You are more attached with your parents when compared to your life partners but be careful about your love life otherwise you might have to face fights with your beloved. You will feel a secure environment with your family. This year is lucky for you and nothing seems to be serious. Overall, the satisfaction level this year will keep you happy.

Meena Rasi Palan 2013

Meenam Rashi Palan 2013 - Tamil Astrology

Meena rasi (Pisces) people should deal with situations using your brain and your point of view. This year is going to be a very good year for you. It is the right time to start business if you are planning for one. Your health condition will be good with some minor skin problems But still take care to avoid it. You might have some problem with your family due to your emotional weakness. In your love life, you need to take a firm decision and stand by it. Investment matters are not good for you.

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