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Kejriwal Live News : List of 700 Indians having Swiss Bank Account

In his latest round of expose, India Against Corruption activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal is making another big revelation live today at a press conference in New elhi at 1.30 pm.

Arvind Kejriwal Expose - 9 November 2012

This time his expose is on the black money in Swiss banks. According to the statement of a former CBI official, there is 25,000 lakh crores in black money stashed away in Swiss banks

Arvind Kejriwal is giving details of Swiss bank account holders, name of account holders and amount that their accounts had in 2006. The IAC activist said the government had details of 700 Swiss bank account golder in the HSBC Bank in Geneva.

According to a CD provided by the French government earlier in the year, there are 700-odd account holders of hawala or black money accounts in HSBC Bank on December 2006.

Kejriwal said that he does not have the full list but we have some names which are –

Mukesh Ambani had 100 Cr rupees in his Swiss Bank Account.

Anil Ambani had 100 Cr rupees in his Swiss Bank Account.

Sandeep Tandon, an official in the Enforcement Directorate, who had quit to join the Reliance industries and then became close to the Reliance group has has Rs. 125 crores in his HSBC Bank Account in Geneva.

Incidentally, Sandeep Tandon’s wife Anu Tandon also has stashed Rs125 crore in her Swiss Bank Account. Anu Tandon, who is now Cong MP from Unnao is also a member of Rahul Gandhi’s core group.

Reliance Industries has Rs. 200 crores.

Motech Software has Rs. 2,100 Cr

Kokila Dhirubhai Ambani has an account in Swiss bank but in December 2006 her account had no balance.

Jet Aiways’ Naresh Goyal has Rs. 80 crores in his Swiss account.

From Dabur – 3 members have accounts – totalling Rs. 25 crores.

Yashovardhan Birla has an account but in December 2006 it has no balance.

In 28 July 2011, the Income Tax (IT) Department had raided three people in Delhi based on this list and all of them had confessed that that money in their swiss banks belonged to them.

Diring the press conference, Kejriwal further added that opening an account in a Swiss bank is easier than opening an account in SBI Bank. For a Swiss bank account you need to just make a phone call while for opening an account in India’s largest public sector bank, SBI you need to visit the branch.

Kejriwal also raised the question that Why weren’t Dabur or Birla or the Ambanis raided? Pranab Mukherjee may be President but he must answer.

We demand a raid immediately be carried out on Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Naresh Goyal, Yash Birla and the three Dabur brothers – and if hawala is proved, they should be arrested.

Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) was designed to save these 700 people.

Kejriwal also said that government had lied in Parliament that it had info of Rs. 565 cr – we know there was info of Rs. 6000 crores and they have recovered only Rs. 181 crores.

For Latest news about this 4th expose by Arvind Kejriwal see TV News channels like Aaj ak, ABP Star News, Zee News, NDTV, TV9, etc.

Arvind Kejriwal on Black Money in Swiss Accounts : Press Conference News Video ->

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