Natal / Christmas Marathi Greeting Cards, SMS, Messages & Wishes

Christmas will be celebrated worldwide on December 25 to commemorate birth of Jesus Christ.

On this day people around the world wish each other Merry Christmas.

Marathi is a southern Indo-Aryan language spoken by people of Marathi community mainly located in Maharashtra and Goa. It is the 19th most spoken language in the world. In India, according to the 2011 census around 72 million people speak Marathi.

How to Say Merry Christmas in Marathi ?

In Marathi people wish each other Merry Christmas by saying - ” नाताळच्‍या शुभेच्छा” which means Best Wishes for Christmas.

Please find below Merry Christmas Marathi SMS, Text Messages, Greeting Cards & Wishes.

Natal / Christmas Marathi Greeting Cards, SMS, Messages & Wishes :

Prabhu Yeshu
Aaplyavar prasann hovo

Christmaschya Shubhechaa

Merry Christmas

Natal - Christmas Marathi Greeting Card 2014

Natal chya ya shubh dini
tumchi sarv manokamna purna hovi
aashi mazi prathna

Merry X-Mas

Merry Christmas Marathi Greetings 2014

Ha Christmas la
Santa Claus tumhala
Akshay Sukhachi Amulya bheth devo…

Tumhala Natal chi hardik shubheecha …

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