Yo Yo Honey Singh – This Party Gettin Hot Song Video buzzing on Youtube

This Party Gettin Hot - Yo Yo Honey Singh Song

Few days back Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh had released a new single “This Party Gettin Hot ” and the song has become instant hit. This peppy Punjabi number by singers Jazzy B and Honey Singh has notched up over one million views online on Youtube in just 80 hours.

Released online Dec 28, the song ‘This Party Gettin Hot’, is ranked among the world’s Top 10 shared videos across networking platforms.

“The video has been so far viewed in more than 150 countries. It is now being ranked as the No.1 most watched video in India on YouTube. It is among the Top-5 most watched videos in UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand over the last few days.”

Jazzy B says they never expected such an incredible response.

“We felt online launch was the most aggressive promotion as compared to conventional music releases. Teaser and promo release further helped in building up the hype, but we never expected the response would be tremendous,” said Jazzy B.

Soon we will have “This Party Gettin Hot” Song Lyrics and Video on our website.

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Author: admin on January 4, 2013
Category: Entertainment

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